Colortech White Concentrates

Colortech White Concentrates

As part of our ongoing commitment to product quality and customer service, Colortech has developed a wide variety of multi-functional white and blue-white concentrates to meet the exacting needs of the polymer processing industry. Colortech offers a custom formulation service that can help you tailor a specific color or additive concentrate package to meet your individual requirements.

Colortech 11000 Series Whites have been carefully formulated to provide optimum dispersion quality and opacity performance in applications as diverse as blown film, cast film, sheet and profile extrusion, blow molding and injection molding. All Colortech white formulations are based on rutile titanium dioxide ( TiO2), a high reflectance, high refractive index pigment that exhibits excellent heat stability, outstanding light fastness and low chemical reactivity. Anatase titanium dioxide, an alternate crystalline form of TiO2, is also employed for applications where enhanced photodegradability is desired. Colortech uses only titanium dioxide grades specifically designed for plastics applications; these high quality pigments incorporate sophisticated organic and inorganic surface treatments that contribute to improved concentrate processability, excellent printability and heat sealing characteristics and good lace resistance. With a mean particle size of 0.2-0.3 microns, these pigments exhibit optimum opacity and light scattering efficiency. At the same time they present a clean, blue-white undertone that viewers find visually appealing.

Many Colortech white concentrates are characterized by a total absence of low molecular weight dispersion aids; these stearate-free formulations are the preferred choice for critical applications where low die lip build-up or mold plate-out characteristics are desirable. For superior performance in the most demanding service environments, a variety of multi-functional 50, 60 and 70% titanium dioxide concentrates containing special additive packages such as hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), phenolic antioxidants (A/O), phosphite process stabililizers (P/S) and antistatic agents (A/S) are also available.

Colortech also offers a complete line of high quality calcium carbonate-filled white formulations. These grades represent an economical alternative to more costly single pigment titanium dioxide concentrates and are often recommended for use in less critical processing applications. In some cases, special pigment extenders are incorporated in selected economy products to provide enhanced hiding power and high value-in-use.

In addition to our family of exceptional white masterbatches, Colortech also offers a line of filled and unfilled blue-white concentrates formulated in a wide variety of tint levels. Blue-shade whites provide visual impact and strong consumer appeal in applications such as blow molded household cleaner bottles, injection molded durable goods and blown film for boutique bags.


Carrier Resin Selection

Colortech concentrates are available in an extensive range of premium quality polyolefin carrier resins. LLDPE carriers are recommended for most general applications and are available in a range of melt indices. Higher flow rate LLDPE carrier resins are prefered for high throughput processing applications requiring rapid and thorough melt mixing. Alternately, use of a lower melt index LLDPE carrier can result in superior physical properties when high letdown levels are necessary. Intermediate melt index carriers (typically 12 or 20 MI) offer the best balance of processability and physical properties for most standard applications.

Other carrier options include HDPE, LDPE and LDPE/LLDPE resin blends; each offers superior rheological performance in specific manufacturing applications. In addition, custom EVA copolymer carriers can be specified for use in polystyrene, HIPS, ABS and PVC applications while EMA carriers are best suited for polypropylene, polyamide, polycarbonate, ionomer, acrylic and acetal resin systems. Your Colortech Sales Representative will be happy to help you select a concentrate carrier resin that's right for your processing situation.

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