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The history of Colortech, Inc. and Our Products:

Colortech, Inc. manufactures and markets color and additive concentrates for use in the production of plastic products. Concentrates, or high-content dispersion of pigments or other additives in a carrier resin, permit plastic fabricators to obtain desired colors or other properties in their product by blending natural resins in their manufacturing process. Prinicipal raw material purchases include polyethylene resin and color pigment, Titanium dioxide is the most common pigment used.

Colortech was founded in Brampton, Ontario, Canada in 1981 and grew dramatically to become the third largest supplier of polyethylene concentrates to the North American film and sheet industry. Much of this growth was due to the product advantages derived from proprietary process technology, and from the Company's commitment to service and quality.

The manufacturing facilities were expanded in 1986 into the United States, with the construction of a new plant in Morristown, Tennessee. The Brampton location employs approximately 70 people and the Morristown location has approximately 110 employees.

In July of 1996, Colortech was bought by Polyplast Muller of Straelan, Germany, and as such has become a global supplier of concentrates and compounds.

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